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Kristin K. Strange, MD, FAAP

While most doctors say they like science, Kristin Strange, MD, takes that statement one step further. "The human body is the greatest creation or invention of all time!" Dr. Strange exclaimed. "To find out what happens to the body when diseases or injuries happen, to try and figure out how to fix or heal it, and to try and comfort the person whom the body belongs to is the greatest privilege I could ever have been given."

Dr. Strange is especially happy to be working with children and adolescence. "I chose pediatric medicine because children are resilient," she explained. "They have minimal self-inflicted health issues in contrast to adults which means I have a greater opportunity to help them make changes in their physical or mental health risks as they enter adulthood.

"I love to watch them develop and grow," she continued. "And, children smile even when they are ill, which is more than I could ever do when I am sick."

Dr. Strange has a great sense of humor when it comes to her unique last name. "I am married to my wonderful husband, Brian, who, although he made me 'Strange' also takes incredible care of our family, which includes three 'Strange' children," she joked. "We love spending time with our sons and daughter. We watch movies together, and take part in local and church volunteer activities. I also love singing in the choir at Weddington United Methodist Church."

Fun facts

Favorite sports team: Carolina Panthers, University of South Carolina Gamecocks, Clemson University Tigers ("Yes, you can really pull for both rivals!" she said.)
Favorite food: Anything sweet, Greek food, pizza
Superhero power you would want: "A combination of Wonder Woman's strength, Superman's X-ray vision so I can diagnose problems without an X-ray or CT scan, and Dr. Strange's ability to fly-- because I would love to fly and get home quicker, plus I'm already Dr. Strange!"

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