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G. Philip Thevaos, MD, FAAP

In his two decades of practicing medicine, G. Philip Thevaos has gotten to see plenty of children grow up. "I joined Novant Health Child & Adolescent Medical Group straight out of residency," Dr. Thevaos said. "The family atmosphere that we've created here makes it a great place for me and my partners to work, and makes it a great place for our patients as well."

Dr. Thevaos wants his patients and their parents to know that everything he does is done with their best interest in mind. "I enjoy helping people and I enjoy teaching," he shared. "I enjoy working with my patients, and explaining health and development issues. Kids are such resilient patients and it is such a pleasure to take care of them."

Outside of work, family and hobbies keep Dr. Thevaos busy. "My wife and I have two daughters," Dr. Thevaos said. "Our favorite things to do are traveling, and going to neat restaurants and water parks.

"When I have time to myself," he continued. "I love golfing. I also sing in and direct our church choir."

Fun facts

Favorite sports team: Panthers
Favorite food: No question-- chocolate!
Favorite cartoon character: "Bugs Bunny. I never missed his show when I was growing up. Mickey is a close second because we love Disney World."

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